Types of Power Losses in Transformers? How can we reduce Eddy current and Hysteresis Losses?

power losses in Transformers

The output power in practical real transformer is slightly less than input power since there are some power losses occurs within the transformer. Different types of transformer losses are as follows:  Core or Iron losses  Copper loss  Stray Loss Dielectric loss Core losses occur in the core of transformer while copper loss occur in the … Read more

Synchronization of Alternators- Conditions & Advantages

Synchronization of Alternators(AC generators)

Synchronization of Alternators: The process of connecting an alternator into grid in parallel with other alternators without any interruption is known as synchronization of alternators. Before going to the explanation of synchronization of Alternators (AC generator), it is important to know that why it is necessary to connect alternators in Parallel. Why Alternators are Connected in … Read more

What is Hunting Effect? Why Damper Windings are used in Alternators?

Damper Winding in Salient pole Machines

Hunting Effect: When alternator (synchronous generator) is running under normal condition, stator field and rotor magnetic field will be rotating in the same direction at synchronous speed. When sudden change in load across the alternator (stator) or change in the torque of turbine occurs, speed of the rotor falls back of synchronism with that of … Read more