Difference between Current Transformer and Potential Transformer

In actual power system, we have to deal with high voltages and current. Let assume that we want to measure the large voltage and current flowing in the transmission line. In that case, ammeter and voltmeter required for the measurement would be of very high rating which are very costly and bulky. Moreover, there will … Read more

AC Motor VS DC Motor

Difference between AC Motor and DC Motor

Although both AC and DC electric motor converts electric energy into mechanical energy, however their construction and way of functioning is different. AC refers alternating current which means the direction of current is reversing ( changing ) after every half cycle. DC simply means the current is flowing in one direction. DC motors are powered … Read more

Transformer Interview Questions

Transformer Interview Questions

  In this article, we will look at some transformer interview questions & Answers which will helps you to know some more about transformers. Lets take a look at it. Q : 1  What are Ferromagnetic Materials ? Ferromagnetic materials have strong magnetic properties due to which these materials form a very strong magnetic field … Read more

What is Corona Effect in Transmission Lines ?

Corona Effect in Transmission Line

High transmission lines also known as high tension lines carries high voltages in terms of KVS. Air act as a dielectric medium between the conductors of transmission lines. Due to high voltages, electrostatic field is produce around the conductor. When voltage gradient at the surface of any conductor exceeds a particular value called as critical … Read more