How does Circuit Breaker Work ?

What is Circuit Breaker ? Circuit breaker (CB) is an electrical switch which is used to protect electrical circuit from damage caused by excess current. The flow of excess current in power system is mostly due to overload or short circuit. Basic function of circuit breaker is to interrupt the flow of excess current during … Read more

Pin Type Insulator : Construction, Causes & ….

Insulators are used in distribution and transmission systems to separate the line conductor from the supporting poles or tower . If transmission and distribution lines are not insulated from their supports (poles, tower), the current will flow to the poles in that case. If any of the living being touch the pole during that period, … Read more

Buchholz Relay in Transformer

Buchholz Relay in detail

Buchholz relay is a protection device which is used to detect the fault occurs inside the oil filled transformers . Such faults are termed as incipient faults. Insulation breakdown between the winding turns, impulse breakdown of the insulating oil or winding to core fault because of weakening of insulation are examples of such faults. Incipient faults … Read more

What is Current Transformer (CT)? Construction & Types

Current Transformer Construction diagram

Definition : Current transformer is a type of instrument transformer used to step down the heavy current to such a lower value which are suitable for the purpose of measurement, control and protection. In simple words, they provide a convenient way of measuring large heavy currents to the measuring instrument (ammeter) connected with their secondary winding. Why Current Transformers are … Read more