Advantages of Power Factor Correction

Advantages of power factor Correction

Improvement in power factor is very important since there are several benefits for both consumer and generating stations. Advantages of power factor correction are as follows: For Consumers: LESS UTILITY BILLS: Utility companies usually charge the customers for low power factor (i.e. when power factor is less than 0.9 or 0.85). Hence the main benefit … Read more

Power Factor Correction Methods

Before studying the power factor correction methods, it is important to understand the causes of low power factor. Moreover, if you want to study about the power factor, kindly read the following article : What is Power Factor ?↗ Power factor is defined as the ratio of active (real) power to apparent power. Apparent power … Read more

What is Power Factor (PF) ?

Sine Wave diagram- Power Factor

In order to understand about the term power factor and how to calculate power factor, it is important to know about some basic terms; Real Power: Real power is defined as the active or working power which is utilized by the load (equipment) to perform useful work. It is measured in KW or MW. Reactive … Read more