How does Circuit Breaker Work ?

What is Circuit Breaker ? Circuit breaker (CB) is an electrical switch which is used to protect electrical circuit from damage caused by excess current. The flow of excess current in power system is mostly due to overload or short circuit. Basic function of circuit breaker is to interrupt the flow of excess current during … Read more

HVAC vs HVDC Transmission

HVAC VS HVDC Transmission

Power generated at the generating stations is transmitted to the end user through transmission and distribution lines. HVDC line refers high voltage direct current transmission whereas HVAC transfer high voltage AC power. The main objective during the power transmission is to reduce power losses. The big advantage of using HVAC system is that voltage can be … Read more

What is Proximity effect ?

What is Proximity effect ?

When conductor carries alternating current, it constantly produces alternating magnetic flux around it. This alternating magnetic flux induces circulating currents in the adjacent conductors. In simple words, when two or more conductors are placed close to each other, alternating flux in each conductor is produced by the nearby current carrying conductor. Induce eddy currents↗ increases … Read more

What is Skin Effect ?

What is skin effect ?

  How Skin Effect occurs ? When AC current flows through the conductor, it produces alternating magnetic field. Change in magnetic flux results in electromotive force or back emf. According to Lenz law, induced emf opposes the cause which produces it. Since the cause is magnetic flux which is higher at the center of conductor. … Read more